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INNOVV Products are always praised for their simple and rugged yet stylish design. K2/C5 continue this tradition
To reliably fend off the elements the K2/C5 lens cases are machined (not molded) and the DVR case is extruded. For both units we use high strength CNC aluminum. The remote snapshot button is also ruggedly built from CNC aluminum. These materials and manufacturing process were specifically chosen so that our products can perform without hesitation in the demanding environment of motorcycling.

At your Fingertips!
Review live recordings & toggle device settings using the INNOVV App for your Apple or Android Smart Devices
Playback the recordings on the way and share them with friends.

Explore, Track, and Share
GPS tagging comes standard. Speed and location-data are logged in each video file. The K2 tracks and protects you when you are exploring. And when you are taking a break the free smart-phone app allows you to share the best moments of your ride with your friends or followers.

120 angle degree Front and Rear Visibility
Looking at the image below, you can see how the front and rear cameras become silent and reliable witnesses of all events that happen around you (with or without your knowledge).

Full HD 1080p Dual-Camera System
Both the front and rear cameras record high quality video. The SONY EXMOR R-CMOS sensor operates in wide dynamic range, and captures footage in FULL HD 1080P at 30fps. The goal of this “Vlog” mode is to allow the riders to capture not only the environment in the immediate vicinity of the rider but to also provide detail of the general area where the adventure takes place. In short, at full HD 1080p you will be able to take your friends on a virtual ride with you.

Recycled Loop Recording
The K2 uses a recycled file system to capture the most recent footage. As the camera records, the oldest files will be overwritten to provide a continuous ‘loop’ of recordings. Increase the time it takes to cycle through the loop by increasing your memory card to the camera’s maximum supported capacity of 256GB!

Ignition Driven Recording
All of our motorcycle camera systems are designed to operate in “install & forget” manner. You just get on your bike and go. You do not bother with booting, setting up modes or checking battery status. You will notice our product only when you needed it.
And “no”, an action camera does not provide this level of utility and comfort on a daily basis – period.

Water Resistant Design
Here all you need to remember is that our camera will capture your adventures when riding in heavy rain, through storms, and heavy winds. The K2 DVR and power-converter is also rainproof. So, your bike can easily wait in the rain while you are sipping your well-deserved coffee.

Smart Power Supply Module and Parking Recording
Worried about hit and run or vandalism on your parked motorcycle?
The smart power supply module from INNOVV K2 triggers the parking mode automatically and monitors your motorcycle when you are away.

Stylish and Small Camera & Mount
Can you find the camera installed on these motorcycles?
Discrete installation protects your INNOVV investment from prying eyes. And your adventures take you to “the edge of the world” where you will not be afraid of a curious soul borrowing your INNOVV rig.

Easy Installation
Your INNOVV investment comes ready to play. Every single item needed to get you up and running is in the package. The accessories are professionally designed, and the install is simple and easy.

Universal Application
INNOVV Motorcycle Camera System is built using tough but light composite technology that can be seamlessly mounted on multitude of vehicles, from motorcycles to ATV/UTV, to snowmobiles or even military vehicles.

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